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Institutional membership is designed for not for profit organisations and government departments (as opposed to corporate members who pay considerable more) who want greater access to our work.

The fee for 2016 will be R 7500 (including VAT) and members will receive:

  • Invitations extended to all SAIIA events including conferences and workshops (some 50 last year, including several ministerial addresses);
  • One VIP contact who receives invitations to special 'members only' off the record briefings;
  • One hard copy of selected SAIIA books and other publications including the SA Journal of International Affairs;
  • Access to senior SAIIA staff for informal discussions on topics of interest;
  • Electronic monthly newsletter for the Chief Executive on latest developments at SAIIA; and
  • Access to SAIIA library.

For further information please call 011 339 2021 or email

Download: pdf SAIIA Membership Form (54 KB) [.doc]