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Monday, 25 February 2013

The BRICS and the New World Order: A Beginner's Guide


As South Africa gears up to host the Fifth Annual BRICS Summit next month, SAIIA has released a comprehensive new BRICS Guide to help observers understand the dynamics at play.

This resource was created by the Global Economic Governance - Africa (GEGAfrica) project, an initiative of the South African Institute of International Affairs and the University of Pretoria, in association with CUTS International in India.

Called " pdf BRICS and the New World Order: A Beginners Guide" (PDF, 467kB), it is an electronic resource on the BRICS grouping (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). It covers:

  • The origin of BRICS
  • The evolution of BRICS over the years
  • The importance of BRICS in the world economy
  • Key trends regarding BRICS
  • Major issues and concerns facing the BRICS
  • Major strengths and commonalities among the BRICS
  • An answer to the question, "Will BRICS Emerge as a Guiding Force in the 21st Century?"

The Guide shows that there is plenty of scope for the BRICS countries, perhaps along with the regions they represent, to organise themselves into a formidable power bloc if they can overcome some of their differences.


pdf  Click here to download the Guide (PDF, 467 kB)