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SAIIA Policy Insights No 59, June 2018
Friday, 15 June 2018

Celebrating Youth Day

The African continent is unique for many reasons: our diverse landscapes, melting pot of cultures, rich biodiversity, fertile soils and vast mineral wealth.
The South African Institute of International Affairs cordially invites you to a Speaker's Meeting to be addressed by Hon Deputy Minister Luwellyn Landers from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation on BRICS in Africa: Working towards the realisation of the African Aspirations.
Is it possible to simultaneously promote vibrant, employment-generating maritime industries and preserve vulnerable marine ecosystems, or must a choice be made between blue growth and ocean health? This question lay at the heart of the workshop we hosted in April: Sea Change: Socio-Economic & Sustainability Goals in National Ocean Policies.To mark World Oceans Day today, we have launched the workshop report.
With the BRICS summit taking place in South Africa in mid-2018, we have put together an issue of BRICS-related articles that have appeared in the South African Journal of International Affairs over the past few years. It will be free to view until the end of July.
SAIIA held a Speaker's Meeting to be addressed by Roger Cohen, New York Times Op-Ed Columnist on 'Trump's America: what it means for South Africa and the World'
SAIIA Policy Briefing No 173, May 2018
Ross Harvey, senior researcher in our Governance of Africa's Resource Programmme, unpacks our latest research on boosting the sustainability of mining in South Africa to create positive spinoffs for mining communities, mining companies and the environment:
South-South cooperation (SSC) has played an ever-increasing role in overcoming regional and global developmental challenges. The adoption of Agenda 2030 by the global community in 2015 added another dimension to the role of SSC in development.
The South African Institute of International Affairs cordially invites you to a roundtable discussion on 'What does Australia want in Africa?'
Friday, 25 May 2018

Celebrating Africa Day

Fifty-five years ago today, the Organisation of Africa Unity was born. Founded by 32 states, its quest was to bring about freedom and unity on the continent. The body was renamed the African Union in 2004 but its goal remains the same in 2018: a peaceful, prosperous and integrated Africa for all.
Pan-Africanism – the liberation of Africans through regional cohesion and solidarity – has played a crucial role in shaping the continent’s development.
Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana – with a population of just 250,000 – is symbolised by dragons and is one of the greenest cities in Europe.
Elephants are in an extremely precarious state in both Africa and Asia. Demand for ivory from Africa has caused significant declines in wild populations. This is now accompanied by new demand for elephant skins from Asia.
The African continent is unique for many reasons: our diverse landscapes, melting pot of cultures, rich biodiversity, fertile soils and vast mineral wealth. We’re the cradle of civilisation. We’re home to the longest river, largest desert and fastest animal. But most notably, Africa is unique because Africa is young. Young and full of potential.
Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal ignored the views and entreaties of America’s closest European allies, the repeated and uncontested findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran was abiding by the terms of the accord, the similar findings by US intelligence agencies and the advice of his own Secretary of Defense. It also provoked a rare public rebuke from his predecessor Barack Obama, who led the multilateral process that produced the accord.
The South African Institute of International Affairs held a key note address by former Prime Minister of France, Mr Dominique de Villepin, on “The European Union and the new multipolar world order”.
The Embassy of Germany in cooperation with SAIIA held a roundtable discussion on 'South Africa and Germany in the United Nations – joint responsibilities and challenges'
President Donald Trump recently announced that the US was withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran, adding that any country which continues to support Iran could face US sanctions being imposed on them. This could spell trouble for South Africa due its dependency on Iranian oil.
The South African Institute of International Affairs, Western Cape Branch cordially invites you to a Speaker's meeting to be addressed by Australian High Commissioner to South Africa,  Mr Adam McCarthy on 'Australia's place in its region and the world - the new Foreign Policy White Paper'. 
Our Ross Harvey and Dr Alex Vines spoke to SABC Channel Africa about Angola’s plans to expand and diversify its economy.
The South African government and the Chamber of Mines are in the process of formulating a new Mining Charter. The charter serves as a blueprint for transforming the mining industry. Its primary aim is to benefit people who were disadvantaged under colonialism and apartheid. The sector was particularly exploitative and left a destructive legacy. Hence the need for a social compact.
The Report Card on International Cooperation gives a dismal C- to international efforts to mitigate the world’s most pressing problems in 2017, the same grade given for 2016.
SAIIA Policy Insights No 56, April 2018
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