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Position: SAIIA-KAS Visiting Scholar

Position: SAIIA-KAS Visiting Scholar 

Position: SAIIA-KAS Visiting Scholar

Position: Programme Officer

Thursday, 15 February 2018

China in Africa Podcast

Our senior researcher Cobus van Staden, along with veteran Asia-based journalist Eric Olander, host a regular 'all you need to know' podcast on China's engagement across Africa.

SAIIA is seeking a researcher with specialist knowledge of International Justice or Peace and Security issues in an African context.

SAIIA is looking for a researcher with specialist knowledge on climate change and a keen understanding of the African and international context, as well as related debates around the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and responsible resource governance.

The South African Institute of International Affairs, The Institute for Public Policy Research (Namibia), and The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa cordially invite you to a roundtable discussion: Anti-Corruption in Namibia – At A Tipping Point? Views from Southern Africa Namibia has generally been viewed as a well-governed country since its independence from South Africa in 1990.

In the Americas, when a young Latina girl turns 15, she celebrates her fiesta de quinceañera, a coming of age ceremony. Across the Atlantic Ocean, Africa’s most important governance self-evaluation and promotion instrument – the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) – will also officially turn 15 on 9 March 2018. These milestone birthdays are important occasions to reflect, but more importantly to look forward. As the APRM gets ready to smash open the piñata, SAIIA looks at what happened at the recent APRM meetings on the side-lines of the AU Summit in dusty, bustling Addis Ababa, and asks what lies ahead for the mechanism?

SAIIA Occasional Paper No 275, January 2018