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As a member of the BRICS, a leader in African peacekeeping, and an aspiring UN Security Council permanent member, South Africa plays a significant role in global governance and aspires to a greater role. To better understand the factors driving South African foreign policy — both aspirations and limitations — SAIIA and the International Institutions and Global Governance program at the Council on Foreign Relations held a workshop on 1 March 2016 in Cape Town.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Celebrating Youth Month

In South Africa, June has long been celebrated as Youth month. The 16th of June this year marked the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Soweto uprising, and the 15th of June the 24th anniversary of the Day of the African Child.

To commemorate this month, our Youth@SAIIA members have been engaging in stimulating discussions on the legacy of June 16 for today’s generation and analysing how young people can be included as valuable contributors in the continent's economic and political developments. Siwapiwe Madubela, a member of the Youth Policy Committee, unpacked these issues on CNBC Africa. 

Dear Editors and Journalists,
In South Africa, June is celebrated as Youth Month, a special time to recognise the vibrant creative energy that our young people have to offer. Two dates in particular provide the focus this year: June 16 marks the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Soweto uprising, and June 15 is the 24th anniversary of the Day of the African Child.

SAIIA’s youth programme is proud continue the 1976 tradition of young people uniting and acting for positive transformation. We have an array of passionate young leaders available, all of whom have experience engaging with the media. Our students have researched a range of critical issues and been called upon to present their insights at high-level international forums, as well as to local and national government.

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This year 75 delegates (58 high school learners and 17 university students) will participate in the fourth SAIIA Young Leaders Conference, from 26 June to 1 July in Johannesburg. As part of the 2016 conference, delegates will host their own youth negotiation sessions under the conference theme ‘Connecting the past to the present: Young South Africans shaping a sustainable future’.

SAIIA Policy Briefing 149, May 2016

African countries seem to be forever undergoing assessments and evaluations. Many stem from the governments of international development partners who have poured money into a plethora of projects, programmes and plans, and want to know what has worked and why. Others are commissioned by international organisations such as the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund that have likewise invested in development or infrastructure initiatives. Credit rating agencies also put African state’s political economies under their microscopes to pronounce on the investment climate.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Turkey is the state with the most refugees worldwide, hosting three million refugees from Syria alone. It was therefore apt that Istanbul hosted the first ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) from 23 to 24 May 2016, building on Turkey’s humanitarian policy.

SAIIA in collaboration with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and New York University, Centre for International Cooperation (NYU-CIC) cordially invites you to a research and policy dissemination event on 'South–South Co-operation in fragile and conflict-affected areas in Africa'.