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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Emerging Insights into Governance and Sustainable Management of Africa’s Natural Ecosystems

  Romy Chevallier

SAIIA Policy Briefing No 95, May 2014


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Governance of Africa's Resources Programme

Developing countries need to grow their economies to meet the needs of their people, while ensuring that the productivity and viability of the underlying ecosystems are maintained at healthy levels. Resilient ecosystems are vital to achieve global sustainable development through the direct contributions they make to livelihoods. Although progress has been made to better value and manage these ‘global commons’, SAIIA research shows that human pressures and economic activities compromise their resilience and erode their capacity to deliver vital ecosystem services. This research analyses mechanisms to help decision-makers understand the extent to which ecosystem services contribute to the well-being of their constituents and their countries’ envisaged
economic development. It also considers tools to minimise trade-offs between environmental, economic and social benefits; and offers insights into the governance and sustainable management of Africa’s natural resources.

Author: Romy Chevallier