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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 05:55

COP 17: What Role for South Africa as an Agent of Change?

By  Romy Chevallier
SAIIA Policy Briefing No 38, November 2011

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Governance of Africa's Resources Programme

The South African government is hosting the 2011 annual UN-led international climate change talks – negotiations that seek to shape the future architecture of the global climate change regime. This is one of the most politically divisive and complex areas currently under discussion within the multilateral context. South Africa has an important task in moving the discussions forward. Reconciling its domestic climate agenda with that of the region, while simultaneously pushing an ambitious international climate agenda, will be challenging. However, good preparation and communication, focus on an inclusive, transparent and multilateral process, and an emphasis on substance will assist South Africa in working towards a successful outcome for the climate summit.

Author: Romy Chevallier