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In this report, the second in the NEPAD POLICY FOCUS series published by SAIIA's Nepad and Governance Project, Peter Farlam draws lessons from the experience of implementing public-private partnerships.

Published in Research Reports
Thursday, 08 January 2015 00:00

Bradlow Fellowship

The SAIIA Bradlow Fellowship Programme is open to senior researchers and academics (preferably at post Doctoral level/equivalent of an associate professorship) wishing to conduct research on a topic of international relations related to South Africa and Africa’s place in the world.
Published in Opportunities
Sunday, 15 April 2001 20:00

Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Chief Executive

Published in Experts
Sunday, 15 April 2001 20:00

Prof. Chris Alden

Associate Senior Research Fellow on South African Foreign policy and China-Africa Relations

Published in Experts
Sunday, 15 April 2001 20:00

Romy Chevallier

Position: Senior Researcher
Programme: Governance of Africa's Resources Programme

Published in Experts
Sunday, 15 April 2001 14:00

Peter Draper

Position: Senior Research Fellow
Programme: Economic Diplomacy Programme

Published in Experts
Sunday, 01 April 2001 22:00

Neuma Grobbelaar

Director of Research

Published in Experts
Monday, 16 April 2001 20:00

Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott

Head: Economic Diplomacy Programme

Published in Experts

A Continent Apart: Kosovo, Africa and Humanitarian InterventionEdited by Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

: 2001
ISBN:  1-919810-22-6
Pages: 274

"In a world sadly inured to incidents of gross human rights violations, and accustomed to the various reactions of righteous governments and hamstrung international organisations, it is seldom that a single event should spark worldwide debate and polarise international opinion. The March 1999 NATO military intervention in Kosovo in response to serious human rights violations was one of those rare occurrences. Although it generated fierce disputes among political figures, and heated polemic in academic circles, it was clear that the events in Kosovo ushered in a sea-change in the arena of humanitarian intervention. The nature and legitimacy of that change was shrouded in partiality and emotiveness."
Justice Richard Goldstone
Chairperson of the Independent International Commission on Kosovo

Published in Books

Beyond De-miningEdited by Gareth Elliot
Published by South African Institute of International Affairs

: 1-919810-21-8

Landmines and unexploded ordnance are a global problem, with more than 80 countries affected.

This volume focuses on three major areas: first, national mine action capacities as long-term and sustainable solutions to countries’ landmine problems; second, the financial realities of mine clearance; and third, the socio-economic impact of mine clearance.

Published in Books

By Mark Shaw

: 2001
ISBN: 1-919810-25-0
Pages: 109

The process of police transformation in societies undergoing transition is an issue of some importance. This has certainly been the case in both South Africa and Northern Ireland where questions of policing change are critical to the success of the process of political compromise as well as the sustainability of post-transition democratic systems.

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Edited by Christopher Clapham, Greg Mills, Anna Morner & Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

: 2001
ISBN: 1-919810-19-6
Pages: 239
Price: R70,00

Regional integration is based on common assumptions abut political institutions and frameworks. It is also generally accepted as a stepping stone to wider global economic involvement and competitiveness. In Southern Africa, SADC and Comesa are the vehicles for integrating states, all of which have different political and economic experiences.

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Edited by Martin Edmonds and Greg Mills
Foreword by Mosiuoa Kekota
Published by South African Institute of International Affairs

: 1-919810-18-8
July 2000

Published in conjunction with Centre for Defence and International Security Studies

Published in Books

Edited by Greg Mills and John Stremlau
Published by South African Institute of International Affairs
In collaboration with The Centre for Strategic and International Studies CSIS

: 1-919810-20-X
November 2000

"(South Africans) have done so much, in a few short years, to transform this country from an international pariah into an international leader. You have given promise and meaning to President Mbeki’s idea of an African Renaissance. More than that you have earned the admiration and co-operation of the United States.

Published in Books
Thursday, 17 April 2008 08:40

New Security Paradigms

Edited by Martin Edmonds, Chyungly Lee and Greg Mills

: 2001
ISBN: 1-919810-37-4
Pages: 187

The end of the Cold War has resulted in significant shifts in global security concerns, not least in the Asia-Pacific region. While moves toward rapprochement between the two Koreas are positive, tensions across the Taiwan Straight continue. The military asymmetry of the two Chinas has prompted Taiwan to seek military and political alliances to ensure its security. Missile proliferation in various states, however, poses a threat to the security of the entire region.

Published in Books
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