Lesotho Democracy Programme

The Lesotho Democracy Programme (LDP), funded by the Royal Danish Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, is a joint initiative of the South African Institute for International Affairs and the Transformation Resource Centre.

The programme was established in the context of Lesotho’s weak and fragmented civil society sector, and constitutes a forum and network for the gathering, exchange and dissemination of information relevant to the strengthening of civil society–parliamentary relations.  It serves as a focal point to capacitate the often disparate elements of civil society to discuss matters relevant to democracy in Lesotho, and represents a framework for civil society groupings to report back, co-ordinate and develop policy and strategy regarding parliamentary engagement.

The LDP offers the opportunity for members of parliament and other leaders to inform civil society of partliament’s activities, its forthcoming programme, green and white papers and any bills that may be coming before parliament.  The programme is, thus, well placed to monitor and provide input into parliamentary reform processes.  In addition, the LDP serves as a platform for the local media to interact with civil society on matters pertaining to parliament, development and governance.

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