Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Yu-Shan Wu

Position: Researcher
Programme: Foreign Policy

Areas of Research Expertise:

  • Emerging countries and public diplomacy (through media and soft power)
  • China-Africa Relations (specifically South Africa, social consequences and the media relationship)


Yu-Shan Wu has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of the Witwatersrand. She also has a background in Media studies and has worked at the South African Broadcasting Corporation and contributed to a project on Chinese presence in South Africa for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Before joining SAIIA as a researcher in 2012, she worked as a research and events assistant for SAIIA's China in Africa Project.


English , Mandarin (conversational)

Recent Publications:

Wu YS, ‘Not beating Around the Bush: Understanding China and South Africa’s illegal wildlife trade’, SAIIA Policy Insights, October 2015.

Wu YS, ‘China’s Media and Public Diplomacy Approach in Africa: Illustrations from South Africa’ in Communication Journal of China, forthcoming.

Kaigwa M and Wu YS, ‘#MadeinAfrica: How China-Africa relations take on new meaning thanks to digital communication’, chapter in How Africans and Their Governments are Shaping Relations with China, Rowman & Litllefield, August 2015.

Alden C and Wu YS, South Africa and China: The Making of a Partnership, Occasional Paper, 199. Johannesburg: South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014.

Gorfinkel L, Joffe S,Van Staden, C and Y Wu, ‘CCTV's global outreach: Examining the audiences of China's new voice on Africa’, Media International Australia, No 151, May 2014, pp. 81-88.

Wu YS, The Rise of China's State-Led Media Dynasty in Africa. Occasional Paper, 117. Johannesburg: South African Institute of International Affairs, 2012.

Wu YS,The Role of Public Sentiment and Social Media in the Evolving China–Africa Relationship, Occasional Paper, 134. Johannesburg: South African Institute of International Affairs, 2013.

Wu YS,The Political and Diplomatic Implications of Social Media: the Cases of China and South Africa’, African East-Asian Affairs (The China Monitor), 1, 2013, pp. 70-93.

Email address: Yu-Hsuan.Wu[@]