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Peter Draper

Position: Senior Research Fellow
Programme: Economic Diplomacy Programme

Areas of Research Expertise:

  • Multilateral economic diplomacy and governance, particularly the G20 and WTO
  • Regional economic integration, with specific reference to Southern Africa
  • South Africa's trade, investment, and industrial policies


Peter Draper is Senior Research Fellow in the Economic Diplomacy programme at the South African Institute of International Affairs. His other domestic affiliations are: Lecturer at Wits Business School; and Senior Consultant to the India, Brazil, and South Africa think tank consortium at the Centre for Development and Enterprise.

His current international affiliations include: board member of the Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis; non-resident senior fellow of the Brussels-based European Centre for International Political Economy; member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Global Trade and FDI; and member of the IMD Lausanne’s Evian Group brains trust.

He holds a Master of Commerce degree from the University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal).

Languages spoken:

English, Afrikaans, French (basic)


Recent Publications:

Draper, P. Dube, M. and M. Nene (2012) ‘The Doha Development Agenda and the WTO can deliver on Africa’s development priorities’, in Wilkinson, R and J Scott (eds) Trade. Poverty and Development: Getting Beyond the WTO’s Doha Deadlock. London: Routledge.

Draper, P. (2013) “Breaking Free from Europe: Why Africa Needs Another Model of Regional Integration”, in Fioramonti (ed.) Regionalism in a Changing World: Comparative Perspectives in the New Global Order. London: Routledge.

Draper, P. and Sidiropoulos, E. (2012) “Contributing to Development Through Trade and Investment” BRICS New Delhi Summit 2012, BRICS Research Group.

Draper, P. (2012) “Towards a Framework of Principles for the G20: Assessing the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung ‘Guidelines’” SAIIA Occasional Papers, 109, February.

Draper, P. and Scholvin, S. (2012) “The Economic Gateway to Africa? Geography, Strategy and South Africa’s Regional Economic Relations”, SAIIA Occasional Papers, 121, September.

Draper, P. (2012) “Values Versus Interests in the G20’s Global Economic Governance Effort: A South African Perspective”, SAIIA Occasional Papers, 129, December.

Scholvin, S. and Draper, P. (2012) “The gateway to Africa? Geography and South Africa’s role as an economic hinge joint between Africa and the world”, South African Journal of International Affairs, 19(3).

Draper, P. Freytag, A and Al Doyali, S. (2013) “Why Should Sub-Saharan Africa Care about the Doha Development Round?” Economics 2013-19, May 8th, available at

Draper, P. (2013) “The Shifting Geography of Global Value Chains: Implications for Developing Countries, Trade Policy, and the G20”, Global Summitry Journal Vol. 1, available at

Al Doyali, S. Freytag, A and Draper, P (2013) “IBSA: Fading out of forging a common vision?” South African Journal of International Affairs, 20(2).


Email address: peter.draper[@]