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Thursday, 17 December 2015

NeST technical working group meeting, 'Defining, measuring and reporting South-South Co-operation'


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From 17-18 December 2015, NeST held a technical working group meeting on 'Defining, measuring and reporting South-South Co-operation.'

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Participants at the technical working group meeting. Photo © UNCTAD


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Over the past two decades South-South Co-operation (SSC) has grown in quantum and geographic reach, through a diversity of approaches, modalities and instruments, constituting an important complementary source of financing for global and regional development. Accounting these vast flows of human, financial, knowledge and technological transfers between developing countries remains a challenge for many national governments as well as international institutions, due to a lack of common definitions, shared standards and consistent recording among Southern partners. In addition, the absence in some cases of central co-ordinating agencies often renders the collection, analysis and compilation of data on SSC incomplete and unreliable.

The Network of Southern Think-Tanks (NeST) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Joint Technical Working Group on 'Defining, measuring and reporting SSC,' held on 17-18 December 2015, brought together SSC experts, academics, policymakers, Southern co-operation agencies and regional and multilateral organisations in an effort to unpack the above challenges.

The meeting contributed to the process of developing shared understanding between Southern partners on conceptual and methodological approaches to measuring, accounting and reporting development cooperation activities, in order to strengthen national statistical systems and SSC reporting mechanisms. The meeting further unpacked definitional issues around South-South Development Cooperation and its relationship to the current debates around Total Official Support to Sustainable Development (TOSSD). NeST working groups were established to follow up on 1)  common SSC reporting templates; 2) calculating loan concessinality; and 3) South-South trade, investments and public-private partnerships. The workshop has laid the foundation for the establishment of a global database on SSC flows - thus addressing many important information gaps currently present in SSC research, analysis and policy, in the context of its contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


pdf Click here to download the Agenda (PDF, 269 kB) .

Participants List

pdf Click here to download the list of participants (PDF, 220 kB) .


pdf Opening message, by the Secretary General of UNCTAD (PDF, 10 kB)

pdf Opening address, by H.E. Cecilia Rebong, Chairperson of the Group of 77 + China (PDF, 240 kB)

pdf Introduction to UNCTAD’s work on SSC and statistics development, by Igor Paunovic, UNCTAD South-South Unit (PDF, 194 kB)

document Global and regional database, by Steve MacFeely, UNCTAD (PDF, 909 kB)


' pdf Background on NeST and its activities 2014-2015 Purpose and expectations for the Geneva TWG meeting (PDF, 1.5 MB) ', by Neissan Alessandro Besharati

Exploring existing development cooperation reporting processes:
' pdf African Mutual Accountability Framework (PDF, 517 kB) ', by Fanwell Bokosi, Afrodad
' pdf ODA reform, TOSSD, blended finance (PDF, 955 kB) ', by Suzanne Steensen, OECD
' pdf Reporting Cooperation in Ibero-America (PDF, 723 kB) ', by Silvia Lopez Cabana, SEGIB

National approaches to accounting development cooperation:
' pdf Brazilian Agency for Cooperation (PDF, 297 kB) ', by Marcio Correa, ABC
' pdf China’s Foreign Aid  Defining and Measuring (PDF, 682 kB) ', by Mao Xiaojing, CAITEC
' pdf South Africa’s Development Assistance (PDF, 913 kB) ', by Michele Ruiters, DBSA

Strengthening national reporting systems:
' pdf Defining, Accounting & Reporting South-South Cooperation: A Policy Proposal (PDF, 581 kB) ', by Pranay Sinha, University of Birmingham

Audio recordings

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