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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Media briefing: FOCAC VI, more of the same or signs of change?

Media briefing: FOCAC VI, more of the same or signs of change? Photo © SAIIA/ Riona Judge McCormack

SAIIA invites members of the media to our special briefing on the sixth Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), 'FOCAC VI : More of the same or signs of change?' on 19 November 2015.


Read highlights from the briefing on Twitter, using #saiiaFOCAC. Photos are available here.

Read three articles based on the briefing: 'Groundwork laid for FOCAC Summit' (China Economic Net), 'Summit raises host's profile in continent' (China Daily), and 'Learning from China is critical for Africa’s success' (Business Report).

Fifteen years after its inception, the sixth edition of FOCAC will be held in Johannesburg on 4 to 5 December 2015. Capturing a lot of attention from media, scholars and policy makers alike, this triennial meeting has become an important platform to assess the broader trends of the Sino-African partnership for the next three years. Against the backdrop of plunging commodity prices and a slowing down of the Chinese economy, it raises questions about the extent to which these shifts affect China’s overall relationship with the African continent. Yet, apart from being prone to making financial pledges and signing large business deals, the forum is also a reflection of China’s increased and broadened engagement with the political and socio-economic landscapes in different African societies.

In addition to outlining the architecture and role of FOCAC amidst a rapidly evolving global context, this media briefing is drawing more attention to the ‘softer’ side of the FOCAC pillars. By focusing on health, wildlife, policy learning as well as relationship building, a range of experts will look at how China, through its multiplicity of actors, is contributing to transformation and more structural development priorities across Africa.

Download Luke Jordan's presentation pdf 'Learning by Doing: China–Africa Co-operation and State Learning' (PDF, 974 kB) or read the new paper it is based on.

Read the new paper Yu-Shan Wu's presentation was based on, 'Not Beating Around the Bush: Understanding China and South Africa’s Illegal Wildlife Trade.'




  • Erica Penfold, 'China’s investment in African healthcare systems: lessons from the Ebola crisis'
  • Yu-Shan Wu, 'Not beating around the bush: China and South Africa’s illegal wildlife trade'
  • Luke Jordan, 'Learning by doing: China-Africa cooperation and state learning'
  • Romain Dittgen, 'New ways of engaging with African states? China’s shifting approach in the broader security arena'

Event details:

Date:       Thursday, 19 November 2015
Time:      10h00 - 12h00
Venue:    SAIIA Boardroom, Jan Smuts House, East Campus, Wits University, Johannesburg

For more information or to arrange for interviews please contact:
Mr Hopewell Radebe
SAIIA Communications Manager
Tel: +27 11 339 2021 ext 123  / +27 83 5821734