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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

India and South Africa on the Global Stage

  Judy Smith-Höhn
On 27 and 28 May 2013, the South African Institute of International Affairs together with the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses hosted a dialogue on “India and South Africa: Sharing Experiences on the Regional and Global Stage”.

The dialogue explored the foreign policies of India and South Africa within the context of their membership of multilateral partnerships such as the BRICS and IBSA, examining the relevance of these forms of South-South cooperation and their potential to be mutually beneficial.

It outlined, among others, the challenges faced by both countries in promoting their interests and values on the regional and global stage. Experts were also invited to discuss the state of India and South Africa’s bilateral relations, the role of both countries in the various maritime initiatives in the Indian Ocean as well as the emerging partners’ role in post-conflict reconstruction.

The event forms part of a partnership between IDSA and SAIIA that was established to foster scholarly ties between the two institutions in the sphere of research on security issues, and also international, national, technological as well as socio-economic problems.

A conference report will be available shortly.

A podcast was recorded at the event with experts from the Institute for Defence Studies. Click on the video above to watch, or click here to download the audio version.

For any further information on this event (and to be notified of the availability of the conference report), please contact Dr Judy Smith-Höhn at


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The SAIIA podcast with experts from the Institute for Defence Studies. Video © Riona Judge McCormack, Judy Smith-Höhn/SAIIA