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Thursday, 03 December 2015

China-Africa: a maturing relationship? Growth, change and resilience


On 3 December 2015, SAIIA and the DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme (DEGRP) hosted a special workshop on 'China-Africa: a maturing relationship? Growth, change and resilience.'

This one-day workshop brought together researchers from DEGRP's China-Africa research stream and SAIIA, as well as other participants from academia and the private sector, to discuss key issues influencing Sino-African relations.

A full live stream of the event is available above, or click here to watch the webcast in edited sections. A set of papers from the event is available here.

Click here for photos from the event.

Held in parallel with the second summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), the workshop focused on three priority areas, designed to raise key issues for consideration at the summit:

  • China’s changing role in the global economy and the impact of this on the African economic environment, as well as on development in Africa generally;
  • the role of natural resources and wildlife in China-Africa trade, including opportunities for diversification away from a natural resources-based economic model;
  • issues of governance, peace, and security.

Moving away from narratives of resource exploitation and power imbalance, the workshop aimed to shift the discussion towards an increased awareness of the complexity of the relationship between China and Africa, and the potential benefits of their ongoing interaction. In particular, the event highlighted how African countries can actively engage with China to promote their growth and development.

Our presenters drew from their extensive experience to highlight priorities to be addressed by African and Chinese policy-makers, while participants shared key lessons, approaches, and challenges that might influence China-Africa relations.

  Feature img 2015event chinaafrica2 Justin Lin delivering the keynote discussion, with chair Giles Mohan (DEGRP).

Event details

Date:        3 December 2015
Venue:     Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosebank
Queries:  Hopewell at

Draft programme (subject to change)

0930 - 0945    Opening remarks [Webcast]
                        Louise Shaxson (ODI/DEGRP) and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos (SAIIA)

0945 – 1045    Keynote address and discussion:
                     How to Jumpstart Industrialization and Structural Transformation in Africa
                        Presenter: Justin Lin (Peking University) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 876 kB ] [Webcast]
                        Chair: Giles Mohan (DEGRP)
                        Helen Hai (Made in Africa Initiative, UNIDO) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 1.6 MB ] [Webcast]
                        Peter Draper (SAIIA)

1045 - 1100    Coffee break

1100 - 1230    Challenges and opportunities for Africa in the context of China’s changing role
                     in the global economy 
                       Deborah Brautigam (DEGRP) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 3.2 MB ] [Webcast]
                       Peter Draper (SAIIA) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 306 kB ] [Webcast]
                        Chair: Elizabeth Sidiropoulos (SAIIA)
                       Giles Mohan (DEGRP)
                       Terry McKinley (DEGRP)

1230 - 1330    Lunch

1330 – 1445   Peace, Security and Governance in Africa: How is Africa reshaping China’s
                     engagement in the region? 
                       Lina Song (DEGRP) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 186 kB ]
                       Dan Large (SAIIA)
                        Chair: Romain Dittgen (SAIIA)
                       Helen Hai (Made in Africa Initiative, UNIDO)
                       Norman Sempija (SAIIA)

1445 – 1500    Coffee break

1500 – 1615    Natural resources and biodiversity in China and Africa in the new global
                     context [Webcast of session]

                        Xiaoxue Weng (DEGRP) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 2.95 MB ]
                        Ross Harvey (SAIIA) [ pdf Presentation, PDF, 586 kB ]
                        Chair: Roger Calow (ODI)
                        Discussant: Yushan Wu (SAIIA)

1615-1700      Priorities for the FOCAC Summit and closing remarks [Webcast]

Video materials

Watch a collection of short video interviews with DEGRP China-Africa researchers providing a snapshot of their specific research areas, which range from the employment impact of Chinese business in Africa, to the role of local government for economic growth.

Watch a series of videos on 'Shaping economic transformation in Tanzania', filmed at a high-level conference in Dar es Salaam, featuring a keynote speech from Professor Benno Ndulu, Governor of the Bank of Tanzania.


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1615-1700      Priorities for the FOCAC Summit and closing remarks