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Niger (4)

SAIIA Occasional Paper No 122, September 2012
Address by Nicolas Dasnois on "Africa's Uranium and the Global Nuclear Renaissance", Mountain Club of SA, Gardens, Cape Town
Now the African Union is in a dilemma. Two weeks ago, the AU summit broadened their definition of an ‘unconstitutional change of government’ to include incumbent leaders using unconstitutional means to stay in power. Such as suspending a democratic constitution to avoid presidential term limits. When President Tandja did precisely that last year, Niger’s opposition parties called it a ‘coup’. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) followed suit and imposed sanctions against Niger. The AU endorsed this stance in October 2009.
eAfrica, Volume 2, April 2004 AT LEAST 10 African countries are scheduled to hold presidential or parliamentary elections between April and December — ballots that could affirm the maturing of democratic practice on the continent and mark a critical turning point in the political evolution of key states.